IEW Gradebook

IEW Gradebook is your grading assistant. This online tool organizes your workload and manages student submissions, identifies elements from the IEW Checklist, and provides comments that you can insert with just a single click.

With IEW Gradebook you won't need to hunt for student dress-ups, sentence openers, or banned words anymore. It will find them for you!

IEW Gradebook focuses on the details so you can focus on the writing.

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Listen to podcast Episode 421: Announcing IEW Gradebook 

Read the blog post “Simplify Grading with IEW Gradebook.”


"I tried IEW Gradebook reluctantly. I don't change horses midstream, and I like to do things the way that I always have done them.

This online tool has changed how I grade--for the better. I am more methodical about my grading and more efficient so that I am able to leave meaningful feedback for both my reluctant writers and my strong students. Within a week of using IEW Gradebook, I determined I would grade all of my classes with it. As I have Tuesday classes, weekends are mine again!"

Marci H. Level C IEW Online Instructor


"I just graded two papers the old way. Heavens! How did I survive grading without IEW Gradebook? It is a huge help and time saver. I don't ever want to grade without it!"

Allyson H. Level A IEW Online Instructor


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