Structure and Style Overview and Free Video Lessons [Streaming Videos]


Download the SSO Handouts Here

Structure and Style Overview

In this 2 hour and 8 minute talk with accompanying handouts, Andrew Pudewa introduces you to the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style method of teaching writing.

Briefly covering the nine units of structure and introducing several stylistic techniques, Andrew gives the audience insight into why this method is so effective in teaching even the most reluctant writer.

Try three weeks of IEW language arts lessons

We have pulled together some of our best resources to provide you with a free, completely digital, three-week program of English language arts instruction. What's included?


  • Structure and Style for Students is our new video-based writing program. We are offering the first three lessons for grades 3–12 (Level A: Grades 3–5, Level B: Grades 6-8, Level C: Grades 9–12).
  • Level A can also be used for SPED students.


  • Fix It! Grammar is our award-winning grammar program for students in grades 3–12. 
  • We are providing the first three weeks of lessons in three different levels.


  • Both Fix It! Grammar and Structure and Style for Students present vocabulary words embedded within the assignments.
  • In Structure and Style for Students, students are presented with vocabulary words each week. Students can write the definitions to those words in their notebooks.
  • Altogether, as many as eight vocabulary words are taught each week.


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