Is IEW for High School?

Andrew Pudewa
Jul. 29, 2019
7:30pm CDT –
8:30pm CDT

In a word, YES!

IEW’s Structure and Style® writing method is brilliantly designed to help students who are just jumping in to our methodology while continuing to bring new insights and challenges to those who have many years of IEW experience.

IEW students in high school have the greatest opportunity to put their tools to the test as they evaluate texts, analyze literature, write thesis statements and proofs, develop critical thinking skills, and perfect the art of the persuasive essay.

Give your students the edge they'll thank you* for, when after heading to college, they succeed in whatever circumstance they find themselves in where effective communication is needed.

*We have hundreds of notes from grateful parents, students, and teachers who have expressed their amazement at how well they are doing in college writing classes, thanks to IEW.

Download the slides from the webinar in PDF format.

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