Conquering Corrupt Culture by Raising Christian Communicators Presentation

Jun. 26, 2023
8:00pm –
9:30pm EDT

Mark your calendar and join Andrew Pudewa at Hillsdale College on June 26 from
7–8:30 PM for his presentation of Conquering Corrupt Culture by Raising Christian Communicators.

Today, many of us have an intuitive sense that major changes are coming. When this happens, our lives may become very different in ways not necessarily convenient or comfortable. At the same time, we must live each day as though things will continue pretty much as they are. Resolving this cognitive dissonance requires that we carefully contemplate our circumstances because we are in a cultural war, fighting the
“non-gospel” of aesthetic and moral relativism on three fronts: personal, familial, and social. What should our priorities be? How can we prepare our children to be culture warriors?

There is no cost for attending this presentation although donations will be accepted. This is a community event that is unaffiliated with Hillsdale College and is an open invitation to the public. Registration is not required. Older children are welcome as are teachers, grandparents, and anyone else passionate about raising up the next generation.

Conrad Recital Hall, Howard Music Building, Hillsdale College
79 E College St,
Hillsdale, MI 49242
Phone: 262.546.6000
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