High School Essay Intensive

May. 29, 2015
8:30am CDT –
3:30pm CDT

High School Essay Intensive –
Text Analysis & College Application Essays

A one-day seminar for high school students and teachers

University of St. Thomas
2115 Summit Ave.,
St. Paul, MN 55105
Email: info@mnconference.org
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Minnesota Catholic Home Education Conference and Curriculum Fair (MCHEC)

There will be a lunch break from approximately 12:15–1:00; students may bring a lunch, or go out and return promptly.

Also join us for the Minnesota Catholic Home Education Conference and Curriculum Fair (MCHEC) conference afterwards.

Presented by IEW’s humorous and engaging director and master teacher Andrew Pudewa, the High School Essay Intensive class provides immediate experience and inside tips toward high school essay writing, including

Text analysis: Students will learn to employ strategies required in many college entrance exams or in response-to-literature prompts, including how to

  • thoughtfully read the provided text
  • evaluate the ideas presented
  • select facts or examples to support an author’s claims
  • identify stylistic or persuasive elements, such as word choice or appeals to emotion, which add power to the ideas

The college application personal essay: Students will choose the question, create the outline, and polish a final version. Participants will leave with

  • a clear concept of the task
  • their own outline for an actual personal essay
  • several new tricks and techniques to add to their repertoire

Open to all students regardless of their experience with IEW courses or methodology, this seminar also offers tools and tips for general composition skills. Come prepared to write a great deal during this six-hour class.

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