From Imitation to Innovation [FREE IEW Online Writing Conference 2020]

Jun. 27, 2020
10:00am CDT –
6:00pm CDT

Teaching writing can be easier than you think! 10AM-6PM CT

A Free, Online Writing Conference for Teachers, Parents, and Students

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10:00 AM: From Copywork to Composition
What is the most effective way to teach writing? From helping very young children who strain to get words from their minds to paper to coaching older students who are expected to write original essays, the pathway can seem overwhelming! Come and learn the underestimated value of simple copywork, discover the power of text reconstruction, experience the delight of author imitation, and learn the surprising relationship between text analysis and creativity.


11:30 AM: IEW’s Structure and Style: What is it all about?
In this workshop, Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker will guide you through four possible ways to teach your students with Structure and Style. Whether you decide to create your own lessons, use a theme-based book, watch a video course with your student, or watch the new Structure and Style for Students and then live-teach the lessons yourself, this workshop presents recommendations for the tools you need to implement Structure and Style.


1:00 PM Level A* Student Workshop
Join Andrew Pudewa and a classroom of students for a live-streamed writing workshop! Students around the globe can log in and enjoy learning right along with the students in the studio. Although the workshop is geared towards students who haven’t had IEW experience, it will be useful for everyone. Teachers will also enjoy watching Andrew present the material, and will glean ideas to implement in their own classroom.

*Level A typically represents students in grades 3–5, but students of all ages will enjoy this live student workshop.


3:30 PM Level B* Grammar Lesson 
Do your students strive and often fail to effectively apply grammar principles to their writing? Is grammar a subject that is dreaded in your school day? Then join us for this workshop where you will experience a very different way of learning and applying grammar.

*Level B is geared toward 6–8 grade students, but older students, parents, and teachers will enjoy observing this live student workshop. 


5:00 PM Putting It All Together: Questions and Answers with Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker
Join Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker as they conclude the conference by answering participants’ questions.


Sessions will be live streamed on YouTube.

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