Nurturing Competent Communicators [Free Event]

Nov. 8, 2018
8:00pm EST –
9:30pm EST

A Free Evening Presentation for Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, all Educators.

Download the event flyer here.

Hyde Park Baptist Church
10 Romans Rd.,
Hyde Park, NY 12538
Phone: 800.856.5815
Contact Info

This event HAS been rescheduled (Previous date was Sept. 20).

Many parents think that good readers will naturally become good writers. Others think that writing talent is just that—a natural ability—some have it, others don’t. Both are myths. History and modern research show very clearly how good writers develop and demonstrate the two most critical things needed for a high level of aptitude in writing. With humor and insight, Andrew will share the two easy but unbelievably powerful things you can do to build language patterns and nurture competent communicators in your family.

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