The Ultimate Homeschool Bootcamp

Apr. 5, 2016 –
Apr. 16, 2016
7:00am –
3:00pm PDT

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Whether you are an experienced homeschooler—or a newbie at the starting gate—there is something for everyone, and you will want to register immediately for this event so you don't miss a thing.  There are many powerful presentations lined up on real homeschool topics that you simply will not find answers to in a box.  

Here are the times and topics of Andrew Pudewa's talks: 

April 5th at 5PM Pacific Time - Nurturing Competent Communicators

Many parents think that good readers will naturally become good writers. Others think that writing talent is just that—a natural ability—some have it, others don’t. Both are myths. History and modern research show very clearly how good writers develop and demonstrate the two most critical things needed for a high level of aptitude in writing. With humor and insight, Andrew will share the two easy but unbelievably powerful things you can do to build language patterns and nurture competent communicators in your family.


April 12th at 9AM Pacific Time - By Heart: The Goodness of Memory

Join Andrew in a contemplation of the fundamental human faculty of memory, examining some of the history and biology of memory and its impacts on language, imagination, joy, and virtue Together we will consider why progressive education discredits its value and why (and how!) we should guard and cultivate this precious gift.


April 12th at 5PM Pacific Time - Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing

We’ve all suffered it at one time or another: frustration about writing assignments. Either on the receiving end, or perhaps now on the giving end, there can be a few distinctly discouraging aspects to teaching and being taught writing. The tough questions include: What to correct and how to give a grade? How much help is too much? Isn’t the assignment clear enough? Why don’t students find their own errors? Learn and avoid four teaching mistakes that contribute to this frustration: Overcorrecting, Holding Back Help, Unclear Assignments, and Over-Expectation.


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