Adventures in Writing [Student Book only]

Implementing the Structure and Style® Method

Category: Writing
  • 3-5
  • SPED
Adventures in Writing [Student Book only]

Explore a wide variety of fascinating subjects in Adventures in Writing! In this theme-based writing curriculum, students write about adventurous topics such as Roman hoplites, tornadoes, Leif Eriksson, and other interesting subjects while they learn to write with the Structure and Style® writing method. Offering a full year of instruction for students in 3rd grade, these lessons cover seven of the nine IEW Units. Literature suggestions and access to vocabulary cards and other helpful PDF downloads are included.

This book is designed to be used by an instructor who has been through or is currently viewing the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style video course.

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Specifications: 241 pages

ISBN: 978-1-62341-405-4

Edition: First Edition, June 2023

Copyright Date: 2023


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