Erin Forte-Froehling

Certified Instructor
Online Instructor


Erin Forte-Froehling is an accredited IEW instructor who has taught, tutored, and shared IEW with students across the Nashville, Tennessee area. As a homeschool mom, Erin used many writing curriculums, attempting to find one that works for all her children. When she discovered IEW, she knew she had discovered gold. Erin received her Bachelors in English and Advertising from Murray State University. The two majors melded her love for writing and creativity, and teaching (including teaching IEW) has allowed her to find her purpose and place in this world - teaching students to think. Erin enjoys teaching IEW Online classes. Both of her now-adult children succeeded in high school and college classes because of the foundation they experienced in IEW, and she also has a middle school student who is currently using IEW.

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