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I'm Laura, a homeschool mom living in Europe. I love reading and writing, but I ended up homeschooling a pure scientist, gifted child. It hasn't been easy, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to do it. We chose to homeschool 6 years ago going against the grain because homeschooling isn't widely accepted here. I just had to try and preserve that inner curiosity and joy of learning for him. It hasn't been an easy journey since we both had to learn how to homeschool, and we've grown in this together. I have no regrets because it's been amazing seeing my son flourish. I love picking curricula and testing out new, interesting materials for homeschooling and writing about them on my blog. The best thing about homeschooling for me is that I'm learning a lot, too. So, it's a never-ending journey to knowledge for us, which I love sharing with other parents.








Episode 104: However Imperfectly, Part 1


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