Since beginning to homeschool my five kids in 2008, I’ve been through loads of curriculum! And now that I’ve been able - through trial and error - to figure out what works, I’d love to save you the headache. IEW materials really do work. They work because they are written with the homeschool family in mind. The resources are open and go and are easy to teach. IEW also provides support for the homeschool parent. Whether it’s through podcast episodes or writing workshops, you’re sure to find the help you need to raise successful writers. Here are my favorite IEW products and Andrew Pudewa podcast episodes. I’ll be sure to add more as we use more IEW resources in our homeschool!








Episode 197: While Andrew's Away: Living with Dyslexia—An Interview with Chris Pudewa, Part 1

Episode 198: While Andrew's Away: Living with Dyslexia—An Interview with Chris Pudewa, Part 2


  1. IEW.com/free-spelling – Learn how to spell with an auditory, mastery approach that works! This link gives free access to the talk Spelling and the Brain, the first lesson of The Phonetic Zoo Spelling course (Levels A, B, and C), and The Phonetic Zoo Teacher’s Notes e-book PDF.
  2. IEW.com/free-pal – Teach language arts to primary grade children (grades K–2) using the Blended Sight and Sound method. Get a free sample of Printing with Letter Stories to try on your own!
  3. IEW.com/theme-based – Find out more about IEW's theme-based writing books.
  4. IEW.com/magalog – View or download a digital copy of IEW's magazine catalog.
  5. IEW.com/podcast – Listen to IEW's weekly podcast, The Arts of Language.
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