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Location: Katy, TX
Services: Online Classes, Private Tutoring
Grades: 5-12

Regina Moffett

My name is Regina A. Moffett, aka Mrs. Moffett, and my homeschooling journey has ended with my two sons. However my passion for homeschooling is so enormous that I continue to teach in the homeschool community. My motto is “homeschooling is a labor of love, and I love what I do.” Above all, I have been involved in the homeschool community for 20 plus years teaching hands-on science, writing (creative and research paper), literature, communication and speech, and art history classes for grades K-12th. One of my popular classes to teach is Jr. High Literature. Although I enjoy science, my favorite classes to teach are literature and writing. While I have taught classes at various co-ops and in my home, I now teach virtually. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and a Masters in Communications and Training with a concentration in Instructional Design. Being an independent teacher allows me to incorporate my educational training and experiences into the courses I offer.
Because I have a passion for learning, I genuinely enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and inspiring them to seek their own knowledge. I’m looking forward to sharing my passion for teaching while watching you discover new things.

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