IEW Instructor

Registered Instructor
Not Accepting Enrollment
Location: Cottage Grove, OR
Services: Classes, Private Tutoring, Paper Grading
Grades: 4–12

Marita Vargas

For eight years, Marita Vargas served as an academic advisor for a classical homeschool program and curriculum publisher. While on the job she wrote study guides and course plans for Medieval and British literature. She also wrote course plans for the school's classical composition program. Because students submitting papers for grading often used IEW’s method, she completed the TWSS training. Her work went beyond noting errors in student papers; instead, she offered tips for improvement. Most recently, she has worked as a textbook researcher and writer for elementary language arts programs. She is hoping to independently publish her own children's picture books. She feels sure that she can share her love of the written word with students.

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