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Location: Cockeysville, MD
Services: Online Classes, Private Tutoring, Paper Grading
Grades: 3–12

Kimberley Hess

Although I am not a certified teacher nor do I possess a teaching degree, I believe God has blessed me with a gift of teaching. About ten years ago my children asked me to homeschool them, which lead us on our homeschool journey. I have taught in various co-ops. Most every co-op selected IEW’s method, so I have led students through many of IEW’s courses. Every year, students amaze me with their progress, even as we had to transition to Zoom during the pandemic.


At the beginning of our homeschool journey, my son was diagnosed with dysgraphia as a fourth grader. With a few adaptions, his writing significantly improved. In fact, the A’s he earned in the English community college classes transferred to the university he will attend. My son taught me how to work with learning issues; IEW gave us the tools to succeed!

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