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Location: Sugar Land, TX
Phone: 281-356-0694
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Grades: 4-12

Jennifer Hartenburg

Classroom teacher and published writer, Jen Hartenburg holds a bachelor of arts in English Literature and a master of arts in Education from Biola University where she remains a perpetual member of the Torrey Honors Institute. She began teaching literature and writing in 1997 and helped pilot an interactive online program for high school students through Biola University beginning in 2000. She now offers school-year classes and summer writing camps in the Houston area. Her educational approach continues to be informed and refined by the living stream of Christian tradition, the classical liberal arts heritage, and the writings of folks such as Charlotte Mason, Jacques Maritain, C.S. Lewis, and Sofia Cavalletti. When she's not teaching, Jen enjoys hiking, dancing, drinking tea, listening to the rain, and writing. Her poetry and creative non-fiction have appeared or are forthcoming in literary journals including Rattle: Poets Respond, Weber—The Contemporary West, The Saint Katherine Review, The Other Journal, Dappled Things, and The Christian Century. Jen is continually rediscovering the power of word and world to startle and heal us with beauty.

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