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Hi, I'm Jenny, homeschool mama to four lively blessings. I stumbled onto IEW's products last year and fell absolutely in LOVE with them! Since then we have started using them with all our school age children. I have seen a marked improvement since we began using them, and all my kids enjoy using them. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! A few things I recommend to get started are some of Andrew Pudewa's talks such as Teaching Boys, "Spelling and the Brain," and their poetry integration series. I seriously saw such improvement in my youngest son's ability to retain information after starting poetry memorization! And if you're looking for grammar that doesn't reduce your child (or you) to tears, I highly recommend Fix It Grammar! We are looking forward to continuing our learning journey with IEW, and I encourage you to give them an honest try. I think you'll be as amazed as we were!








Spelling and the Brain
The Profound Effects of Music on Life
Teaching Boys & Other Children Who Would Rather Make Forts All Day
Poetry as an Integrator


  1. IEW.com/free-spelling – Learn how to spell with an auditory, mastery approach that works! This link gives free access to the talk Spelling and the Brain, the first lesson of The Phonetic Zoo Spelling course (Levels A, B, and C), and The Phonetic Zoo Teacher’s Notes e-book PDF.
  2. IEW.com/free-pal – Teach language arts to primary grade children (grades K–2) using the Blended Sight and Sound method. Get a free sample of Printing with Letter Stories to try on your own!
  3. IEW.com/theme-based – Find out more about IEW's theme-based writing books.
  4. IEW.com/magalog – View or download a digital copy of IEW's magazine catalog.
  5. IEW.com/podcast – Listen to IEW's weekly podcast, The Arts of Language.
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