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As a homeschool mom to six kids of varying abilities and struggles I was overwhelmed by the thought of teaching writing & grammar to each of my children but IEW has made it attainable. I grew up learning the rules of grammar but not being able to apply them well, but thanks to Fix It Grammar my children don't have that same issue. The short and easy lessons provided in the curriculum have helped them learn and APPLY the concepts with more confidence. They used to be overwhelmed by writing, and the thought of knowing what I should expect from them and how to grade their work overwhelmed me as well. IEW makes it easy to teach my kids, by laying out a very specific set of expectations for them that they can attain and that I can easily evaluate. My boys especially thrive with the structure of the writing programs and I love to see them succeed. I have also been so encouraged to hear the personal stories of Andrew Puedwa and his struggles with teaching a severely dyslexic child on the IEW podcast, It feels good to know he understands my family's struggle and I appreciate his tips for how to help my struggling learners. I am so thankful for IEW and the impact they have had on our homeschool. I pray this curriculum can be a blessing to your school as well.










Teaching Boys and Other Children Who Would Rather Be Making Forts All Day

Nurturing Competent Communicators

Reading Strategies for the Struggling or Non-Reader



  1. – Learn how to spell with an auditory, mastery approach that works! This link gives free access to the talk Spelling and the Brain, the first lesson of The Phonetic Zoo Spelling course (Levels A, B, and C), and The Phonetic Zoo Teacher’s Notes e-book PDF.
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