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Welcome to my IEW Favorites Page! I am so excited to share our favorite products with you.

You will often hear me say "IEW is the way I wish I would've learned to write" and it's true!

I was first introduced to IEW by a veteran homeschool mom. She had graduated four children - all who were functioning adults that loved the Lord, reading and writing (needless to say, I took her advice seriously). So later that year, I decided to sit in on one of Andrew Pudewa's workshops. Ten minutes into the talk, I was blown away! I felt like I had been shown a secret recipe for writing (Why hadn't I ever heard of this before or been taught to write this way when I was a kid?). Obviously, I was hooked. IEW became a staple in our homeschool.

Since that talk many years ago, Andrew Pudewa has been a continual source of encouragement and information. His influence has forever changed our homeschool.

If you are looking for a place to start, I would recommend any of the Structure & Style for Students levels. The video lessons will quickly familiarize you with the IEW process. They are informative, engaging, and funny (seriously, my kids can't wait to tell their friends Mr. Pudewa's newest joke each week!). We have also enjoyed the Following Narnia theme based writing and several of the Fix It! Grammar levels.








Nurturing Competent Communicators

Teaching Boys & Other Children Who Would Rather Make Forts All Day

Cultivating Langauge Arts: Preschool through High School

But, but, but ... What about Grammar?


  1. IEW.com/free-spelling – Learn how to spell with an auditory, mastery approach that works! This link gives free access to the talk Spelling and the Brain, the first lesson of The Phonetic Zoo Spelling course (Levels A, B, and C), and The Phonetic Zoo Teacher’s Notes e-book PDF.
  2. IEW.com/free-pal – Teach language arts to primary grade children (grades K–2) using the Blended Sight and Sound method. Get a free sample of Printing with Letter Stories to try on your own!
  3. IEW.com/theme-based – Find out more about IEW's theme-based writing books.
  4. IEW.com/magalog – View or download a digital copy of IEW's magazine catalog.
  5. IEW.com/podcast – Listen to IEW's weekly podcast, The Arts of Language.
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