When I first heard about IEW's curriculum years ago, I was not interested because it looked overwhelming to me. After trying other writing programs, I finally decided maybe I would try the program other homeschoolers were raving about. I am not going to lie, it was a learning curve for me, but SO worth it. I transitioned my oldest son {who is now graduated} in 9th grade with SSS Level C and he did very well. Since then I have used IEW for our writing curriculum and haven't looked back! We are currently using SSS-B for my middle schooler and SSS-C for my high schooler. We have also used theme-based and loved those also. Bible Heroes was my favorite, we used this when my daughter was younger!

In addition to the writing curriculum, we also love their grammar program - Fix It! Grammar! We are currently using the new edition and absolutely love it!

I highly recommend giving IEW a try if you are looking for a solid writing curriculum for your homeschool. Be prepared to do a bit of teacher-learning, I recommend the Teaching Writing with Style DVD course for this. I only wish I had started with IEW in the beginning!










  1. IEW.com/free-spelling – Learn how to spell with an auditory, mastery approach that works! This link gives free access to the talk Spelling and the Brain, the first lesson of The Phonetic Zoo Spelling course (Levels A, B, and C), and The Phonetic Zoo Teacher’s Notes e-book PDF.
  2. IEW.com/free-pal – Teach language arts to primary grade children (grades K–2) using the Blended Sight and Sound method. Get a free sample of Printing with Letter Stories to try on your own!
  3. IEW.com/theme-based – Find out more about IEW's theme-based writing books.
  4. IEW.com/magalog – View or download a digital copy of IEW's magazine catalog.
  5. IEW.com/podcast – Listen to IEW's weekly podcast, The Arts of Language.
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