Level P (Primary) Resources for Grades K–2


Learn to Read and Write with PAL

Primary Arts of Language: Guide your children into delightful discovery as they learn to read and write!

Based on Anna Ingham’s award-winning Blended Sound-Sight Program of Learning, Primary Arts of Language provides the information and materials you need to start your primary grade students (K–2) confidently reading and writing.

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Primary Arts of Language:
Reading Complete Package

Discover the blended sound-sight approach to teaching your child to read! By combining phonics with some sight words, your child can begin to read quickly and with ease while building a solid foundation for the future. Games, activities, and stickers add interest for the child, and you'll love the clear directions and thorough explanations. Use concurrently with the PAL: Writing program.



Primary Arts of Language:
Writing Complete Package

Bring your child from learning to print to writing one- to three-paragraph compositions with structure and style! This complete package includes everything you need to teach your young child to write, from printing practice and sentence formation to early grammar, story sequence analysis, and writing paragraphs.



Other Level P (Primary) Resources for Grades K–2

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