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IEW users are constantly sharing ideas and innovations, challenges and victories, and even buying and selling on various Yahoo Group email loops. These virtual communities have been a great blessing to many, and we now have many groups to choose from—join the appropriate loop and get all your questions answered (or share your wisdom and experience with others). To join, you will need to sign up with Yahoo! first, but after that, the group emails come to any email address you wish, and you can choose to receive individual messages or composite digests.)


Homeschool Teachers: IEWFamiliesClick to join IEWTeachers is an active group for all IEW teachers, especially home educators. With over 11,000 members and a monthly average of 500 posts, this group provides significant support to IEW parents and teachers. It is open to anyone who wants to learn more about how to teach children to write. Of particular benefit to members is an extensive Files archive with a vast array of resources from years past, with everything from lesson plans to grammar resources, all available in .PDF format. One recent post contained this testimony from a new IEW user: "...this group has been the key to me feeling empowered to make it all happen—many thanks to the moderators and experienced users for all your wise advice and helpful tips and files!" This is also the loop that is referenced in the 2011 Magalog article, Jill's Gems. When joining, members will receive a welcome letter which explains all the sister loops for specific needs: Co-op teachers, Thomas Jefferson Education, Literary Analysis, and Buying/Selling Used IEW materials. Just read your welcome letter to learn how to join the other lists.


Homeschool Co-op Teachers and Tutors: IEW_Co_opClick to join IEWTeachers Currently numbering nearly 1000 members and growing, is for active homeschool co-op and small group teachers using IEW materials in their classes. Members discuss everything related to writing, grammar, poetry, and literature in a co-op class or small group. It is a great place to share ideas, seek advice, and share your heart with fellow small group teachers!


Classroom School Teachers: IEWTeachersClick to join IEWTeachers This group is specific for public and private school teachers using our materials in traditional classrooms (5-days-a-week schools for full-time students).