IEW's Online Writing Course: College and Professional Writing with Structure and Style


Introducing IEW's student-centered, self-directed online writing instruction Video Course and Coaching for college students and professionals.

  1. Video Course: A student-centered and self-directed online course, each session includes an audio and video presentation plus handouts and the transcript. Cost: $99 for a one-year subscription.
  2. Coaching: For participants who find that they need a bit more assistance and accountability, we offer the optional yet helpful CAP Coaching program. Cost is an additional $99 per term with two terms offered each year.


Content was written by Elizabeth Weinrich, Ph.D. and recorded by Andrew Pudewa of the Institute for Excellence in Writing.


College and Professional Writing - CAP includes

  • 24 presentations of 14–26 minutes each: Each presentation comprises a PowerPoint with narration by IEW's founder, Andrew Pudewa.
  • Writing assignments with each of the 24 lessons: These assignments and exercises teach outlining, structure, style, and checklist systems. Available only to subscribers, these assignments appear as PDFs downloads.
  • Checklists and resource materials: The IEW method relies on checklists to guide writers through creating sound structure and style. Word lists, procedures, source texts, and sample rewrites are also included.
  • Material which transfers easily from academic to professional writing contexts. In fact, CAP was designed with professionals in mind, especially those with high levels of education who need to communicate in writing for complex contexts.

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Andrew's Introduction to IEW's Online Writing Course:
College and Professional Writing with Structure and Style


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